Diving on Koh Lanta

Welcome all lovers of travel, positive adrenaline and excitement to the Diving Center Ok Club Thai! We will diversify your life showing a new mysterious deep sea world, organizing for you a safe, comfortable and the most interesting diving - scuba diving. Ok Club Thai is based on one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand - Koh LantaKrabi province. If you have never been to the Land of Smiles, we can organize a trip to the southern and the northern islands of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. With us you can learn diving at the required level or just spend  some unbelievable days in the most beautiful and famous Thai island of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta, Koh SamuiKoh PhanganKoh Tao. You can visit the National Park Khao Sok, Khao Lak and the Similan Islands.


Where to start?

The most important thing when you start learning diving - your hot desire to discover the unknown but alluring underwater world which can't leave anyone indifferent. An ideal place for the first dive is the crystal water of Andanan sea with plenty of colorful corals, fancy fish and other inhabitants of the fantastic deep sea  world. Ok Club Thai guarantees an inexhaustible pleasure and delight from the new and unknown. You will not see these wonderful views at the bottom of a public swimming pool or in fresh water lakes! Contact us and we will describe in details the first dive and how much does it cost.

The experience you will get

Diving by definition can not go alone. Along with the experience in this kind of sport you get new friends, new interesting information and a lot of positive emotions! And of course you will be able to watch the beautiful fish and marine animals, look at the history of ancient civilizations and the mysteries of sunken ships which previously  could only be read in books or seen on the Discovery channel. You will feel an unfamiliar sensation of weightlessness and delight under the water. Similar to what people feel when "flying in a dream!"

Корал Комодо            

After the first dive you will certainly realise that the world around you has become better, new colors have blossomed, and you are inspired to strive for the new achievements! Why is this happening? Just come and find out for yourself!

Why do you need a training?

Diving is a kind of sport like many others (volleyball, roller skating, skiing etc.). Before getting on a roller skates, for example, you search for the necessary equipment (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, etc.). And not the first available. You search for a suitable for you to avoid injury and discomfort while the skating. It can't be done without coach or instructor advise. Same in diving. We will help you to select individual equipment, we will teach you a new way to breathe and explain the rules of behavior under the water, we will help to cope with stress and prevent possible problems. You and instructor will become a one team!


Professional instructors Ok Club Thai will help you to get rid of the fear of the unknown and enjoy the diving!

How to find us?